Solo Chick Alaska Adventure

I'm making one of my dreams come true by doing a solo chick adventure to Alaska. I’ll chronicle my trip here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting started

I’m going to Alaska!! I’ve wanted to go for years. And years. It’s been hard to plan a trip because I was told that July is the best time to go but I’m not always free to travel in the summer. Last year I was preparing for my 3-month fall book tour. Now I’m going for it!

I love the outdoors and tend to travel to places with mountains and other natural scenery. But Alaska has always held a special allure for me. It’s so far from my home in NYC, yet it’s part of my country. I’ve been to Canada many times and wanted to see more of the beauty the US has to offer. Growing up I associated Alaska with Eskimos. I’ve learned that this state holds so much more. And I want to see it!

Many people dream and dream but never see any come to fruition. I dream and try to make my desires real. For me, dreams stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. If I can dream it I can do it! My strong faith in God helps that happen. If it’s not happening yet, I can accept it’s not the right time. So while I dreamed for years about going to Alaska and couldn’t make it happen, I knew it wasn’t the right time for me. I know NOW is the right time.

People question my going alone. “Won’t you be lonely?” “Aren’t you scared?” NOOOOO! I enjoy my own company and will meet people along the way. Going solo allows me to do what I want, when I want. I like that! The tourist office has been very helpful in providing me with good info. They have great websites with places to stay, sites to see and so much more.

I’ll fly into Anchorage on July 14th. The trip is over 12 hours so I’m thrilled I had enough miles for a first class ticket. I return on an overnight flight on August 1st, so I’ll be there for 17 days. I’ve got my hotel reservations and am still trying to decide what to do there. I’m just thrilled to have the opportunity to exist in the beauty of the state. I spoke to someone in Fairbanks last week and it was 80 degrees. Who’d of thunk that it would be warmer in Alaska than it was in NYC that week! Two weeks before I spoke to someone else there who said it was going down to the low 20’s that night. I expect to learn a lot more that breaks some stereotypes.

July seems to be the most popular month for traveling to Alaska so prices aren’t a bargain. If you plan to go there in the summer, try to plan your trip way in advance to take advance of any lower prices available. Hotels and cars are at a premium. But there’s a reason for the popularity that makes prices high. I was told the mosquitoes will be gone when I’m there. Sounds good! And the sun will be out for most of the day and night. I anticipate many cool adventures.

I’ll be adding comments to my blog before my trip but hope add even more throughout my whole dream journey. Will also post pics if I learn how. ☺ Stay tuned!



At 7:48 PM, Blogger Cyn said...

Have an awesome trip!

Have you read "Tales of a Female Nomad"?


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