Solo Chick Alaska Adventure

I'm making one of my dreams come true by doing a solo chick adventure to Alaska. I’ll chronicle my trip here.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Alaska Railroad to Denali State Park

Friday was my day for some needed downtime. I’d checked into the Sleeping Lady Bed & Breakfast the night before and was delighted with it. Rick, the owner, is a former music DJ so we had some interesting conversations and shared memories. He’s also a fabulous cook and runs an awesome place. The B & B overlooks the water and I had a fantastic view from my room. They have a deck with a view and I enjoyed sitting out there, writing.

The room was beautifully decorated. I enjoyed paying attention to all the lovely touches. My bed was comfy and breakfast was a treat. Rick bakes fresh coffee cakes. I had to leave early Saturday morning and I got some wrapped for the train. I just relaxed on Friday, wandering around Anchorage and doing some writing. Saturday morning I got on a train for Denali Park, home of Mount McKinley. It’s now called Denali, which means, “Great One.”

The train ride on the Alaska Railroad was long but lovely. Eight hours did a job on my back but at least I had a seat with lots of legroom and no one next to me. The train was very comfortable for a train. We rode through dense trees with all sorts of lovely scenery. Alaska is such a beautiful state. There was a dome car up high that offered even better views. I stayed in The Bluffs, part of Denali Park Resorts. I had a nice room with a small terrace that I enjoyed spending downtime on. The scenery is so green. : ) This city girl really appreciates being surrounded by trees!

Arriving at Denali Park I knew how blessed I was to be there. Clean air and trees and mountains everywhere!

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